General Info

This is development version of Anki deck for training ear (brain) to recognize musical concepts – intervals, scales, chords. Generally are different types of cards, for instance:

As I have understood, the learning is improved by focused voluntary work, hence the third card type to let the user try to sing (whistle, play on kazoo) the interval. My 1 cent recommendation would also be to make some helping mnemotechnics for hard things (part of song with the interval, etc).

Initial Testing Info

For the initial testing, I am interested in any form of feedback on the deck, e.g.:

Known Issues

I already know about these issues:

Download Joe's Ear: Intervals, v0.2 (updated 1.3.2017)

I recommend to use mobile app; the linux version at least does not have the "play sound" icon for the multimedia, which is a major pain.